Personal Information

Professional Summary

I’ve had over 8 years of experience in technical and marketing communication. I’m proficient in using Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, PhotoShop, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office, and engineering software such as AutoCAD and SolidEdge. I’m a Meyer’s Briggs ESTJ personality type, which means I’m a natural leader who is organized, planful, communicative, detail-oriented and people-oriented, a list-lover, dependable, and efficient. I like to work in a systematic way with structure and standards and get things done!

I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, and volunteering in anti-human trafficking and my church’s youth ministry. I’ve been recognized as a leader in my community with two awards for my anti-human trafficking volunteer work. I live with my cat, Pinky, in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

Work Experience

July 2019 - Present

Documentation Team Coordinator, Full-time

Curt G. Joa Inc., Sheboygan Falls, WI

  • Manage technical documentation and training projects utilizing a cross-functional team of internal and external resources
  • Responsible for driving efficiency, quality, and effectiveness through innovations in bestpractices, technology, content creation, and delivery methods for internal and externaldocumentation and

July 2012 - July 2019

Technical Writer, Full-time

Curt G. Joa Inc., Sheboygan Falls, WI

Volunteer Experience

October 2015 - September 2020

Secretary of the Board and Communications Leader

Freedom Cry Inc., Sheboygan, WI

  • Launched the organization’s vision and mission as a founding board member of the first anti-human trafficking non-profit organization in Sheboygan County, WI
  • Developed internal standards, marketing communications content, awareness presentations content, and helped plan events and fundraisers



University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bachelor's Degree with Highest Honors

  • English – Technical and Professional Writing Major
  • Communication Minor
  • 4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude


University of Wisconsin-Waukesha

Associate's Degree with Highest Honors

  • News editor/reporter for The Observer student newspaper (9/2009-10/2009)
  • President of Campus Crusade for Christ student organization (1/2009-5/2010)
  • Phi Theta Kappa member
  • 4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude


Charlie Weiley

President and Co-Founder / Freedom Cry Inc.

“Becky has combined her professional skills and personal passions as she serves as Secretary of the Board for Freedom Cry, Inc. She has a fervency to see the end of domestic human trafficking, especially the exploitation of women and children, so she has donated her professional skills to the cause in Sheboygan County. As a technical writer, Becky has developed our website, has written newsletters, helped publish an educational power point presentation, created business cards, and has single-handedly taken our social media campaign to a new level. Becky is a zealous volunteer inside our organization and out in the community too…She is a trailblazer who uses her leadership abilities to carve a path that women worldwide would be inspired to follow.”

Bennett Anderson

Pastor / Sheboygan Evangelical Free Church

“Becky is confident, competent, generous with her time and selfless with her efforts. She is attentive to needs around her and often goes out of her way to help others or offer encouragement and hope to those who need it. As a natural leader, many have gone to her for guidance and direction. Becky has the special ability to effortlessly unify a group of people and get them excited about a common vision or goal, and willingly rolls up her sleeves to serve alongside others, offering a compelling example of both humility and leadership.

Becky has a big heart that breaks for the many needs in our community, yet she has the poise and healthy ambition to work tirelessly for change and improvement. As she continues to inspire those closest to her and reaches out into the community, she is paving the way for other young women (and men) to rise up and join the effort for a better, safer Sheboygan County.”

Courtney Jacobson

Former Board Member / Freedom Cry Inc.

“Becky has a heart and compassion to give to the vision of freeing women from the chains of oppression and sexual slavery.  Along with her great empathy, Becky has a keen intelligence and independent drive to turn compassion into true action.  She readily utilizes her skills as a technical writer, going above and beyond to bring technical structure and actionable insight to Freedom Cry.  Whether it be writing articles to the Sheboygan Press to shed light on the devastation of human trafficking, co-creating a presentation to present human trafficking awareness in the community, or writing needed articles for the foundation of the organization as the Secretary of the Board, Becky always seems to be steps ahead of us, pushing us toward excellence to take a stand for those in our society who are hurt deeply by sexual violence and exploitation. I am personally inspired by Rebekah’s depth of character as well as her fun spirit.  She has an uncanny ability to be both deeply serious and light-hearted.  She makes the people around her feel appreciated and cared for, all while setting a strong example of leadership in simply getting work done.  She keeps our group focused on action steps through her own trailblazing pace of attention to detail and workload accomplishment.  I am so grateful to know this impressive young professional woman and I highly recommend her.”

Sheboygan Athena Leadership Award Finalist, 2017

Out of 25+ distinguished nominees, I was selected as a finalist (top 5 nominees) for the 1st annual Sheboygan Athena Leadership Award for my volunteer work in the community.

Athena Leadership Award Nominees are individuals who have achieved the highest level of professional excellence, contribute time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community, and actively assist others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential.


Sheboygan County Top 10 Young Professional Award, 2018

I was nominated for Young Professional Community Volunteer of the Year and selected as one of the Top 10 Young Professionals.

The Sheboygan County Best Under 40 Awards recognizes Sheboygan County’s best and brightest young professionals under 40 years old. Nominees must possess a passion for contributing to a better quality of life in our community.


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